From Life Style to Competitor


Very happy with my client Dee for her hard work and commitment! Dee came to me for help with her workouts and tips on nutrition. Within 3 months she lost 20 pounds and is now fully into her prep for her first fitness competition!

She has shown unbelievable will, physical and mental strength and I cant wait to see her on stage!

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Cooking With AJX | EP.1 Crock Pot Chicken

A tutorial on how to prepare crock pot chicken. In this video I take you to the grocery store, back home to prepare the ingredients and include step by step guides on how to cook this dish!

Leg day with Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini competitor with Jess Coski. Jess is 7 and 8 weeks out from her next two shows and as her training coach I am here to push her through these workouts as the weeks wind down

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LEG DAY | w/NQ NPC Bikini Competitor Jess Coski

Leg day with Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini competitor with Jess Coski. Jess is 7 and 8 weeks out from her next two shows and as her training coach I am here to push her through these workouts as the weeks wind down

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Rotating Your Food Sources

Have you found yourself becoming bloated? Having stomach discomfort? Or even experiencing a lack of bowel movements? Well if any of these are the case, I have a question to ask you.



How often do you rotate food sources?

It is really easy to fall into the routine of consuming the same foods over and over again due to how easy they might be to prepare ahead of time or due to our personal preference for an acquired taste.




But did you know that to optimize overall health, wellness, and performance it’s important to make sure you provide your body with a number of nutrients from various sources.


When you consistently eat the same foods over and over not only are you missing out on a number of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals found in other foods that are lacking from your nutritional program but your also putting yourself at risk for developing immune insensitivity responses; poor digestion, inflammation, loose bowel movements, etc.


What can you do?




Expand past your normal nutrient sources spectrum! Add a variety of colorful foods, and let your taste buds run wild! Go to your local supermarket and pick up one, two, or even three new foods each week. Whether it’s a new protein, carbohydrate, or fat source by adding in a variety of sources and actually removing certain foods that you eat on a daily basis, you’ll allow your immune system a break.

This will in turn work to your immune systems advantage; fighting infections, increase your metabolism, and help aid in fat loss or building lean muscle tissue.


Written by Thomas Lawrence

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Weak Point Training

Weak area: A muscle or group of muscles that is lacking proportion to the rest of your body. Otherwise known as something you hate to train because you hate the lack of progress.

Typically, if you are training legs you will hit calves last. Most likely because in your head they are the smallest of the muscle group and don’t need as much attention. But by time you get to them you are drained, depleted and are mentally checked out of your lift. This will cause you to put minimal effort and focus into that muscle and they will barely get hit.


My legs are lacking proportion and are by far my weakest point. I can blame genetics all day like everyone else does, but at the end of the day I’m lacking the hustle and drive I need to make them grow. A great way to work on your weak areas is to start your workout with them when all of your energy is at its greatest. This will cause you to focus hard on that area and be fresh enough to go heavy with high volume.

I also love using this method when I’m training deltoids. I like to start my workout hitting my rear delts with reverse flyes on the pec deck or bent over reverse flyes on the cables. It’s a great way to get loose and target the weak point early on in the workout.


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Three Keys To Success


FullSizeRender (2)

Being prepared for anything in life is something that would help us all be successful at whatever our goals or intentions are. For fitness and nutrition however, it is crucial. Preparing your meals for days at a time or at least for the day ahead will improve your overall goals greatly. Personally, I see a lot of people including some clients when they first start on my programs fall short of being prepared. There can be all kinds of reasons to miss a meal, forget your supplements for pre or post workout or not have anything ready for your next meal. These types of mistakes that may seem small but are actually highly important and can cause the metabolism to slow down, spike insulin at incorrect times, send the body into an anabolic state and store/deplete glycogen levels incorrectly to name a few.

Be Prepared!

  • Prep your meals for 2-3 days at a time
  • Plan out your meals with correct macronutrients in alignment to your plan
  • Plan your meals around your day
  • Don’t know when you will be home? Bring meals to make sure you’re eating every 2.5-3 hours.



FullSizeRender (1)

When you have a plan or goal, it is very important to stay consistent with the process. Another problem that I see a lot is sneaking in things that aren’t in the plan or having an extra oz. of protein because you are hungrier that day. These little adjustments make a big difference in results. The only way to see what works for you is to have a plan and stick to it. Find a common ground! Without consistency finding a base can be very difficult because your weight will fluctuate very easily. To me, the most important aspect that I encourage my clients to do is to establish some sort of baseline and then adjust accordingly to their goals or requirements.


Stay Consistent!

  • Take two weeks and stay on plan! Establish your baseline!
  • Don’t add extra foods or change your plan
  • Don’t switch up cardiovascular activity. Keep it simple and steady
  • Don’t take unnecessary days off from the gym




Last on the list but by no means is less important is focus. Without focus, preparation and consistency will not exist. Keep in mind that you’re setting goals for a reason. For the most part they are not easy and take much time, energy and most of all, FOCUS. Don’t lose sight of what you want and stay motivated! Stay ahead of the game and plan for your success. If you’re in the kitchen, focus on what your body needs to be fueled, what it will need to recover and what it will need to grow or lose. If you’re in the gym, focus on every rep for every set. Don’t sell yourself short or give up when it gets tough. When you start to feel like giving up in the gym, that’s when it counts. Break through barriers and vision the outcome.


Preparation, consistency and focus… These three key elements will help you be successful not only in the gym but out of the gym as well.

Set goals, work hard and never lose sight of the outcome.

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Clinical Sports Lab Review Clinical Protein


Let me start by saying I am not sponsored by this company nor am I a paid affiliate or rep. Being a personal trainer, coach and overall fitness and nutrition enthusiast, I am constantly researching and looking for the cleanest and most beneficial products on the market. When it comes to protein, I have not be able to find a product that mixed well, didn’t make me bloat, gave me discomfort and most importantly, tasted good.

I was introduced to Clinical Sports Labs when I met Mike Carrubba (founder and CEO) at a fitness competition. After I expressed my concerns and problems with other products, Mike asked me to try his protein product. Needless to say I tried his product and was very impressed. The flavors are unbelievable, it mixes very well and does not leave clumps of protein at the top of your shake. Beneficially, it fills all of my nutritional needs pre and or post workout.



The essential macronutrients are a perfect match with Protein at 22 grams per serving, carbohydrates at 5 grams and fats at 2.5 grams. I personally like protein supplements low in carbs because it gives me options pre or post workout for carb consumption.

Clinical Protein is an ultra-premium time release protein matrix designed to deliver amino acids for up to 3.5 hours. Other protein powders use whey proteins and have a short life (1 hour or less). Clinical Protein’s tri-blend sustained protein matrix blend is formulated with the precise ratio of 60:40 (whey proteins to milk protein) to achieve the perfect clinical dose for maximum gains. Studies have shown blended proteins in this ratio achieve greater results then just whey protein alone. Don’t cheat yourself out of potential gains by using only a single source of protein.



Clinical Protein is the ultimate shake. Because of the fast and slow absorption you can take Clinical Protein anytime. That’s the power of the Tri-Blend matrix! Clinical Protein also has added medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) for a quick burst of energy. Your body uses MCTs as a fast energy source and doesn’t store them as fat which makes a perfect choice for your pre-workout meal!


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