Client Spotlight – Danielle


Photo 1: Danielle started in early January of this year to compete in her first fitness show with the WBFF as a Diva Bikini Model. She took her program and ran with it! Never questioned what was asked of her and put her heart and soul into her preparation.

Photo 2: Danielle came into the show (late June) in top shape and condition. Her posing and stage presence was on point and she absolutely killed it on stage. Danielle ended the night in the gown round where she left the stage holding onto her 1st Place trophy and brand new Pro Card from the WBFF.

Photo 3: Her passion for this sport has then since grown and she now has a new goal… Competing for her first time as a Professional, she will not be stepping on stage as a Bikini Model but a Diva Fitness Model. For those who don’t know, Fit Model requires more size, different posing, and most importantly, tighter conditioning.

This third photo is her current state. I am very happy to say that Danielle is right where she needs to be and is putting on QUALITY muscle with great symmetry. LOOK AT THOSE LEGS!!!

Be sure to follow her journey through AJX Instgram @ajxaesthetics!

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Boston, MA NPC Men's Physique Competitor Owner of AJX Aestheticsβ„’ PN, NASM, ISSA & ACE C.P.T & Online CoachπŸ”½
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