Weak Point Training

Weak area: A muscle or group of muscles that is lacking proportion to the rest of your body. Otherwise known as something you hate to train because you hate the lack of progress.

Typically, if you are training legs you will hit calves last. Most likely because in your head they are the smallest of the muscle group and don’t need as much attention. But by time you get to them you are drained, depleted and are mentally checked out of your lift. This will cause you to put minimal effort and focus into that muscle and they will barely get hit.


My legs are lacking proportion and are by far my weakest point. I can blame genetics all day like everyone else does, but at the end of the day I’m lacking the hustle and drive I need to make them grow. A great way to work on your weak areas is to start your workout with them when all of your energy is at its greatest. This will cause you to focus hard on that area and be fresh enough to go heavy with high volume.

I also love using this method when I’m training deltoids. I like to start my workout hitting my rear delts with reverse flyes on the pec deck or bent over reverse flyes on the cables. It’s a great way to get loose and target the weak point early on in the workout.



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