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The typical post show post:


So I set out to compete 16 weeks ago… It’s been a thought of mine for roughly 2-3 years. This year I decided to step out and pick a show and accomplish a goal. It was a LONG 16 weeks and I would never say it was easy but to be honest it wasn’t that difficult to me (The diet anyway). The most important things about the last 16 weeks was the experience, the people that supported me, and the things I’ve learned about myself and others. This life can either make you or break you… It can either make you realize that those around you are real or they aren’t who they seem to be and it will show you what desire, heart and struggle really are. I know in my heart I did everything I was told to do, I worked hard and I completed my personal goals. I have no idea what I placed Saturday but I know it wasn’t good… And that’s okay. It’s much more than a number for me and I’m proud of my transformation both mentally and physically. I really wish I could personally thank each and everyone person who has reached out to me l, gave me gifts and shared kind words but there are far to many. I want to thank my team, my clients, my prep coach Matt, Ryann who did my tanning and I highly recommend and my posing coach Scott Dennis for all of the help tips and support. I also want to thank Alyson for sticking by me (sometimes) through thick and thin😜❤ and my mom AnnMarie for always believing in me. Please believe me when I say I won’t forget everyone else!

Now it’s time to focus on getting back to a balance, off season growth and most importantly, my current and future clients and getting them ready to shine! ‪My true passion in this sport and journey is to help others succeed. Nutrition, fitness and overall mental and physical health is my priority. I look forward to growing my business and movement and being a leader for those that need it! #ajxaesthetics

Instagram: @aaustin_jamess

Twitter: @aaustin_jamess


For personalized meal plans and customized workout routines DM or E-Mail me at AUSTIN@AJXAESTHETICS.COM


About ajxaesthetics

Boston, MA NPC Men's Physique Competitor Owner of AJX Aesthetics™ PN, NASM, ISSA & ACE C.P.T & Online Coach🔽
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