Happy Hump Day :)


Mid week blues? lacking motivation? We all have ‘off-days’ but here’s my top tips for staying on track..

  1. Three Happy Thoughts!.. You’re thinking “she’s lost it”!! Hear me out-

I start my day- every day- with 3 grateful/positive/happy thoughts! It starts my day off with a positive mind set and I honestly think it keeps me in a better mood all day and I handle things better. They can be the most random, obscure thoughts but so long as they’re positive, I think it works.. This must be my psych degree coming out in me lol. Give it a go- worst case, you’ve spent 2 mins thinking happy thoughts so no time lost  🙂

2. Food Prep!

Prepare your food/meals in bulk- even if it’s just 1/2 days or a week worth of food at a time. If it’s prepared, you’re more likely to stick to better food choices and.. it saves…

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Boston, MA NPC Men's Physique Competitor Owner of AJX Aesthetics™ PN, NASM, ISSA & ACE C.P.T & Online Coach🔽 Austin@AJxAesthetics.com
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