Heyday Footwear


Heyday Footwear is a fitness based sneaker brand that combines both fashion and comfort. A great thing about Heyday is every line that comes out is Limited Edition and once the line sells out, they’re gone for good.


  • You never have to worry about someone else rocking the same shoes as you.
  • Every line is different and unique with different styles and color combinations.
  • Whether you’re in the gym or out for the night, you can guarantee you have the freshest kicks around.

The best part about Heyday is they are more than just a footwear brand they are a movement. They take pride in showing off their product and involving those that support them socially.


You can only purchase these Exclusive sneakers off of there website at: htt://www.heydayfootwear.com

Make sure to check them out and follow the movement!

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/heydayfootwear

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/heydayfootwear


About ajxaesthetics

Boston, MA NPC Men's Physique Competitor Owner of AJX Aesthetics™ PN, NASM, ISSA & ACE C.P.T & Online Coach🔽 Austin@AJxAesthetics.com
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