My Fitness Pal



My Fitness Pal is a tool used either online or as an application to track your calories and macronutrients. It is very user friendly and I personally have all of my clients use it while following their program.

From my experience, My Fitness Pal is by far the best tool available to track your food and progress. It allows you to search over 1,000,000+ foods and ingredients while also saving your favorite recipes and meals. It shows graphs based on your total caloric intake and divides them into macronutrient sectors for a great overview of your day.

As an online fitness and nutrition coach, it is great to be able to view my clients’ meals to ensure they are on point with their program and to also make corrections and adjustments based on time and meal ingredients. For instance, if my clients’ sugars are high for that day and they log something as simple as having two tablespoons of ketchup as a condiment, I will be able to tell if they had X amount of sugar due to the fact it was Heinz instead of an organic brand.

For motivation and support, My Fitness Pal gives you the opportunity to connect with people just like you. You can add friends, comment on posts and even “like” others’ daily activity. It also gives you the option to share recipes and meal ideas for someone with the same goals or interests as you.

Other key factors in why I choose to assign this application, is for the ability to integrate it with your iphone or android, connect to other various applications like fitbit, map my run, polar etc, It even has the ability to add foods from restaurants like; chipotle, longhorn steakhouse, etc. It also fully supports other diets like the Atkins diet, South Beach diet etc. No matter what type of nutritional plan you are on or following, My Fitness Pal is the perfect way to stay on point and track your nutrition and progress.



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